What We Do

Business Excellence

Business Excellence is achieved when an organization successfully turns its Vision into Reality. The objective of the organization is to achieve the common goal.

The journey to achieve Business Excellence begins with identifying the Vision of the CMD/CEO. The next important step is how this vision gets translated into a shared vision of the Line of managers that are just below the CMD/CEO.

This vision needs to trickle down to all the processes that are working towards achieving the common goal. The model that is applied to achieve the same is:

We ask and assist organizations to answer difficult questions like:

  • What is excellence?
  • Is there a need to adopt a particular model?
  • How is excellence measured
  • Are there any approaches, techniques and methods available?
  • How to take the first step?
  • How to develop the required capabilities?
  • Can excellence be sustained?


Ensuring efficient and agile manufacturing process requires the identification and debottlenecking of constraints in the manufacturing process. Excellence in manufacturing is achieved through ensuring Flexibility and Availability of:

  • Machine
  • Manpower
  • Material

It generally requires a paradigm shift caused by shifting the prime focus from machine utilization to material utilization


The objective of the Supply Chain is to ensure the right amount of the right product is in the right place at the right time with minimal investment and operating costs.Criteria for a healthy supply chain:

  • High availability – The product is available when a customer wants to buy it
  • High Inventory turns – The stock is sold to a customer as soon as the point of sale receives it
Envisaged results:
  • Availability above 80%
  • Doubling the inventory turns
  • Sale leakage <10%
  • ROCE minimum 30%
  • Doubling the topline, tripling the bottom line


Organizations get affected by significant sales losses which are most often directly linked to their sales process. Issues that are most commonly seen are:

  • Limited Reach
  • Limited ROI for the distributors
  • Limited or misaligned Product portfolio
  • Sustainability of channel partners etc are all reasons for the same

We have helped multiple organizations from varied industries to transform their Channel sales strategy.
We have 4 key focus areas:

  • Comprehensive analysis of existing sales process
  • Reach
  • Range
  • Channel intimacy