Marketing Solutions Private Limited

Who We Are

Established in 2015, Abridge strives to achieve positive change for its clients. In our rich experience with our clients, we have seen that Achieving sustainable growth is only possible through synchronized and smooth functioning of interdependent processes that are designed to achieve a common goal.

An organization is nothing but interdependent processes running to achieve this goal.

We at Abridge use our expertise to make these processes run smoothly while reinforcing each other, making the organization run like a well-oiled machine.

What We Do

Business Excellence

Business Excellence is achieved when an organization successfully turns its Vision into Reality

Supply chain Transformation

the right amount of the right product in the right place at the right time with minimal investment and operating costs

Manufacturing Excellence

Ensuring availability and flexibility of material, manpower and machine with high efficiency and agility to support the sales process

Channel sales Transformation

Ensuring reach, range and ROI for channel partners to ensure minimum sales losses

Why Us

Supply chain transformation:

  • Low availability
  • Low inventory turns
  • Low ROCE
  • Availability above 80%
  • Doubling the inventory turns
  • ROCE minimum 30%

Channel sales transformation:

  • Limited Reach
  • limited ROI for the distributors
  • Limited or misaligned Product portfolio
  • Sustainability of channel partners
  • Grow to full potential
  • Product portfolio aligned to market and customer needs
  • Ensure reach X range
  • Channel intimacy

Manufacturing excellence:

  • Focus on machine utilization
  • Lacking culture for excellence
  • Focus on efficiency and not flexibility
  • Production misaligned to market needs
  • Focus on material utilization
  • Culture of excellence to achieve market goals
  • Focus on flexibility of machine and manpower
  • Production aligned to market needs

Business Excellence:

  • Poor understanding of leadership vision
  • Poor translation of vision into strategy/AOP
  • Policies and processes misaligned to business vision
  • Complete understanding of leadership vision
  • Strategy/AOP aligned with vision
  • Policies and processes aligned with strategy to achieve the vision of the leadership

Our Solution Partners

YAGNA identifies and resolves the bottlenecks at the manufacturing plant level and transforms the business.

Abridge MSPL creates Enterprise level solutions, keeping the focus on creating Market pull through secondary sales management thereby synchronizing the entire business processes.

Quytech takes charge of dynamic creation and improvement of the IT infrastructure required for smooth execution of all transformative processes

Happy Clients

Bhupesh Mehta

Business head, After market, Jamna Auto

"We are delighted by the current growth trajectory and strongly believe that continuous efforts, as guided by the strategy, will lead to us reaching the target of 30% soon! Kudos to the team!"

Antony Cherukara

Head, Agri-Business & Strategy, KOEL

"We are proud to share that we have already achieved ~80% of the target within the timeline and are well poised to over achieve the target in give timeframe!"


Head, Sales Raymond Ltd.

"Achieved 38% improvement in PRIDE penetration against target of 15%, Doubled the active tag dealer network while ensuring complete visibility and payment recovery to ensure long term engagement. We congratulate the team on a very successful completion of the project!"

Our Board

Subodh Shrivastava

Founder, Abridge

An industry expert with 35+ years of experience, is a CII National award winner for Business Excellence, who likes to call himself a practitioner. He has a vast experience in leading and mentoring managers in big numbers. Owing to a complete focus on achieving the objective, he has been successful in aligning the complete organization towards the goal, numerous times. He is a Global leader recognized by Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg USA. He is an amalgamation of expertise in both the market and the manufacturing sides of an organization.

Venkat Yechuri

Venkat brings over 2 decades of extensive international C-suit experience in building companies and teams across the world. He is a coach and mentor; generates excitement, engagement and collaboration. A strategist who embraces complexity, diversity and challenges; devices novel, unique solutions to challenges, he has a bachelors in Mechanical engineering, masters in Industrial engineering and an MBA.

Aman garg

Aman, BTech from IIT Delhi, has been a part of various fast growing technology companies such as Paytm and global B2B software enterprises. He has managed products at scale catering upto100 million+ users. He brings along experience in digital marketing and software product management.

Our Partners

Ankur Mittal

Co Founder, Quytech

Co Founder and Director of Technology and Business Development at Quytech. His area of expertise lies in providing technology solutions in the field of SFA, CRM, Field Force management, AI, AR, VR and in many other mobility and business solutions to the enterprise customers globally within different industry such as FMCG, Textile, Automobile, Healthcare, Government and many more.

Deepak Nagar

Co-Founder, Yagna

Co-Founder of Yagna Entrepreneur Success Services LLP, a visiting faculty at IIM Indore teaching 2nd year MBA students and certified Demand Driven Planner Professional and an endorsed Instructor for the same by Demand Driven Institute.
Managed and worked with diverse teams as an entrepreneur, consultant and a teacher with an overall experience of 32+ years.